Kaelin Ellis



Current City: Orlando, FL

"With over 10 years of performance and hands on creative experience under his belt, Kaelin has established himself among the top class of young producers in the modern electronic / hip hop beat scene." Kaelin prepares for a big year working alongside the Good For Life Collective. You can expect his Veil Ep coming soon on Valentines 2018 released under eOne Entertainment, along with his highly anticipated 4 year wait on the album "It All Ends" due to release 2018. 

"He was originally part of an online crew, dubbed “Loaflab”, where he came in contact with fellow musicians and later collaborative partners, Munoz, Kaytranada, Cazal Organism, Toony Tunes, oriJanus and many more."

"In his 10+ years since beginning the journey of music, he’s managed to upkeep a discography that sonically keeps up to many of his heros." - Ultra Slump


Ayosgi Valeria

Studio Musician/Singer-Songwriter/Recording Engineer

Current City: Orlando, FL

Ayosgi has been vital in creating the core sound coming from the Good For Life CollectiIn addition to his reputation as an artist, Ayosgi also acts as a studio musician, tracking with recording artists such as Tessellated, & GFL artists paul & Kaelin Ellis. His experience as a producer & recording engineer shines through most when he's working with live instrumentalists & guitarists. Ayosgi is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s in Recording Arts at Full Sail University. Most recently, he has been working with Kaelin Ellis on his upcoming Veil EP set to release Valentines Day 2018 and Paul Mifsud's 2nd studio project "Good For Life...". His current focus is releasing inspiring music, building upon his phenomenal ambient guitar tones. 


For inquiries regarding his art and/or services, you can reach Ayosgi through his email: ayosgi.valeria@gmail.com



"Fat Man"


Lucas was raised in rural south-eastern Ohio alongside other members. Ambitious, intelligent, and driven are the words that come to mind. He's been that way since he joined the organization 11 years ago. A proud business owner, Lucas operates a precision machine and fabrication shop specializing in one off prototypes with a quick turn around. He is the chief operator of all products manufactured under GFL Productions, while developing his own personal projects. Lucas hand carves custom smoking pipes, jewelry, including but not limited to rings, ear gauges, bracelets, and pendants. All products are made in the beautiful country hills of Amish Country Ohio, USA. His attention to detail & perfectionist attitude has dug deep roots in the skilled trades. A member since 2007, his goals are to drive profits for Good For Life, managing product development, advertising, and marketing in order to further the goals of the organization.


For Contact/Quote: 304-218-4474 

"Hope to do business with you in the future." 


Honorable Members:

Tristen King (Ambassador) - Member since 2007

Ethan "Stumpy" Smith (Ambassador) - Member since 2006

Tanner Keith (Ambassador) - Member since 2006

Josh Meeks "Tessellated" - Member since 2017


Riley Woods



Current City: Orlando, FL

Riley Woods is the man that makes this entire operation possible. While his camera skills speak for themselves, his contributions on guitar & piano can be heard all throughout the albums "Good For Life..." by paul & Kaelin's extensive catalogue. Rileys main focuses are portrait photography and filmmaking based out of Orlando with Good For Life Productions. He has worked on personal and professional projects including short films, fashion look books, and portraiture. Working both photography and film, Riley has been able to develop a unique look that allows his work to stand out. He's always capturing the right moments... the important ones. Without Riley's contribution, our entire aesthetic & vision for this company would not have become real life. 

                         That's Good For Life. 

To see a comprehensive collection of his work, visit: https://woodsriley.myportfolio.com/

For inquires, contact: mailto:woodsriley@gmail.com

Isiah Tucker

Songwriter/Studio Musician

Current City: Cambridge, OH

5 years of songwriting experience, he is an original member of the early Good For Life recordings with Paul. His efforts are constantly focused toward expanding his musical palette, openly allowing his music to contain confessions of violence & tragedy in his past life. His work is featured throughout our page, & can be contacted for any feature inquiries, songwriting work. 

Contact: isiah.tucker@yahoo.com

Jesse Kolakowski

A lifelong friend of Paul's, he has become a natural curator of ideas & product development at the core of Good For Life's foundation. His skills include handmade art pieces for our studio, metal manufacturing & future products for our online site. Jesse has been an inventor since a young age, always welding & wiring up things, in constant search of items useful & affordable to the public. When he's not working on metal, he enjoys the country life of hunting, riding dirt bikes & making funny memes for our page.

Thank you brother, Good For Life! 

Trenton Woodard

Business Advisor & Management GFL Productions

Current Location: Ohio

As someone who is always seeking out opportunities to help others, Trenton has continuously time & time again lit the fire that fuels the GFL Organization. Earning his associates of Business Management at ZSU, he is now currently pursuing his MBA in business. His charge of command includes much of the legwork involving tedious filings of trademarks & copyrights, while forming creative business strategies to market our product effectively. In other words, all the important dirty work! His excellence in understanding the psychology behind consumers buying motives allow him to consult well with our clients & partners, nurturing genuine trust in our brand first before the actual sale of any volume. Also a fellow guitarist & musician, he utilizes his knowledge & background of being a creator to mesh well with our members & clients to discover their full brand potential. He is an incredible asset to have in & out of the studio environment. 

For business consulation or inquiry: trentonwoodard@yahoo.com

"I know what it means to be Good For Life."



Deonte Rohan has been an incredible ambassador for the Good For Life brand since our meeting in 2016. A Music Producer/DJ based out of Stuarts Draft, VA he is working closely with buzzing producer Andrew Hypes. His incredible ability of harnessing the energy within the entire room is a gift, making his live shows a sight to see.  

Bookings: rhvnmusic@gmail.com

Rohan in Los Angeles, CA NBA All Star Weekend

Rohan in Los Angeles, CA NBA All Star Weekend