How Kaelin Ellis Began His Rise to Being Florida's Hottest Producer

Sitting in the studio, Kaelin sat down with Rochelle Weir to talk about his come up from the internet beat making world to being on national tours.

How did this journey begin?

“I ended up meeting Kaytranada, Joe Kay, Sango very early on through Soundcloud & Youtube. I remember graduating from high school & being invited on tour with Kaytranada. He had just dropped a project, & the label invited me to go on tour with him. I had to debate finishing high school or going on tour. I decided to not go, & thats how I ended up meeting Paul. It came from the same understanding of music, spirituality, & life.”

So when you met Paul, you collaborated instantly early on?

“When I met Paul, everything clicked. I didn’t have many friends & was working alone in my apartment. We ended up staying up until 3am just working on beats & thats where Paul told me about his album. We were speaking the same message, feeling the same vibe. We wanted to make music that people didn’t expect, & throughout the years we curated each song. When I figured out how to efficiently record, we knocked hundreds of records left & right. Thats when the It All Ends album came together. I recorded all those drums for Paul’s album & my album at Paul’s house. Its a crazy trilogy story.”

What does Good For Life mean to you?

“When people from different walks of life come together to share a specific element or vibe. People can walk away saying "“I feel inspired today.”” They can put on music from Good For Life & feel better about themselves.

I understood the difference between people who are there for seasons & people who are Good For Life.

I hadn’t realized there were people all around the world that were going through the same things we were. In 2016 I released a project called La Luiz that founded the Good For Life sound.”

Whats the future for Kaelin Ellis?

“I don’t see myself releasing solo projects for awhile. I say that because one thing I really enjoy after traveling to Korea is that I love writing solely for other people. I’ve hit this peak of weirdness at the moment while I learn brand new things. Usually when I create an album its brand new, totally different ideas. Its going to take some time to learn the new sound Im looking to form. I want to help other people achieve their dreams & what they want to accomplish. That includes elevating the Good For Life movement into a global operation. I want to see Good For Life hats on people in Japan.”


Any shows coming up?

I’ll be in Santa Fe at Meow Wulf. Its such a crazy venue. Its like a big house, but every room goes into a weird creative world. Its one of the venues we went to on the tour with Sango. I think it was my favorite venue because of how cool it looked.”

Anything people need to know about Kaelin Ellis?

“I hope that the music I create along with Paul helps inspires people to improve, take on their dreams & realized anything is possible. That means even if it takes years, its possible.”