2019 is the Year of Actualization

As we enter into the New Year, you need to know what lifestyle choices work for you. Most importantly, determining what has not worked up to this point to put you on course to mental peace. We as a collective wanted to come together & share our experiences, along with share some gems we use to fuel our confidence & optimism in wealthy outcomes. 

I. Don’t Be A Little Bit**

Stop making excuses why your creative environment isnt suitable enough. Let’s think bigger. Picking up the pen in moments when you think your energy cant sustain. Going to work even when you want to quit. The job you’re currently employed at may be dragging, but your self esteem should not be inhibited. If you work at a call center, that does not minimize you to a dial tone. Your frequencies resonate much louder. Release the tension that comes from bitterness, or feeling the title you hold is who you are. Your position is a measurement, one of self movement & decisions. Ones career does not always assume role of ones purpose. May your purpose stay present, & your strength come through self spoken prophecy. Worry about your internal battles & health, not your enemies.

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Paul Mifsud