Dirty is tattooed on his forehead. “4 Life” is etched in his hand, so I had to ask. It’s an allegiance to his close brothers of many years, a concept of loyalty I can relate to.

Smook: “I was the kid into Naruto Yu Gi Oh.”

Now he’s a fully developed lead character in his own animation show. But his lifestyle comes with pitfalls.

Smook: “All these rappers are getting into anime. I’ve been on that.”

Paul: “& now you are one”.

Smook: “Exactly. Now I am one”

“4 Life… talk about that?”

He explains the tattoo is a unity between his longtime brothers, loyalty. These are people he considers family.

“No matter where we go, how long we haven’t spoke, we just pick up where we left off.”

Essentially, That was the entire foundation of the fucking words Good For Life.

His loyalty to the family he claims with this symbol is forever a reminder when taking any action into his own hands. After explaining, I went on.

“It’s a blessing to have those kind of people.”

Smook is smart. We went back & fourth bullshitting. I was on my usual obnoxious laughter combined with clapping of hands. I applauded him how he incorporated “boobs” into one of his lines. It’s not an easy word to pull off, but only the most experienced such as DirtyFaceSmook.