Orlando GOTHSTAR 458Keez is rare.

Florida’s music scene is booming, & expanding. Broward County in particular is the leader of the movement, generating names who will live on for generations after. Artists coming out of Florida, while undergoing scrutiny, redefined what we listen to. Lil Pump working with Kanye West doesn’t seem strange to me like it would’ve 4 years ago. Creation is limitless. It’s simply good business, & the underground in Florida wants in.

When you’ve gone through trauma & chaos, you don’t come out the same. Keez holds back nothing. His confidence is his weapon. He really is a rockstar. “Music is all i want” he told me when his party left to pick up food for the night. A leader, he is assertive & intends to gets what he wants. It’s his raw nature that makes him the incredible artist he is. When we met at the studio, we went straight to work. I played him some production Kaelin & I had worked on. A natural performer, free styling in 20 minute segments, he already had songs pieced together. The first time I was introduced to Keez was him performing downtown Orlando late 2017. He’s one of the names that is painting rap as a new age of punk rockstars. His ability shows he’s been working for years at this. His friendship with Ski Mask is important to him, expressing his respect for all the artists he’s connected with throughout Floridas rise. His collaborations include Slump God & WifisFuneral along with pop ups at No Jumper shop. The death of XXX affected Keez deep like the many artists in the Orlando region. “JAHSEH ONFROY” with production by ARNOLD IS DEAD & MORGOTH is a tribute to X.

We ended the night recording Ayosgi strum sad rock riffs on guitar, & Keez fell in love. “I fucking love this shit!” he screams out loud as we layer the guitars with 4 takes. Before Ayosgi can lay the guitar down, Keez is ecstatic & hugs him. He knew we found his sound. We had talked the whole night about all the bands we both grew up on. FOB, Papa Roach, Hinder. Coming from that era, we wanted to both see rock & rap together. He had searched for live sound, & we delivered. Ryno Holmes, producer & friend of mine was the one who made the session happen. Ryno has been producing for countless names in Orlando & abroad the last 3 years, & his grind is contagious. Our collaborations in the past have always been incredible work now including Keez. Follow





Paul Mifsud