Gina Falcone is Building a Brand on New Soul

Scorpio season is prime for Gina. As the cold season in central Florida brings out the best in its creatives, Good For Life’s unique sound is beginning to take a center stage foothold in town. With assists from hitmaker Swavy & drummer Kaelin Ellis, Miss Falcone creates a new sound to represent her world. While preparing for performances in New York & Atlanta, she rounds up the band to make sure the boys are on point. “Don’t be late!” she directs at Swavy, who has a (slight) tendency to pull show business stunts. But it’s Swavy; she needs those damn keys there on time. So much of her 2018 was devoted toward curating tracks for her new project, but a mini tour through the southeast highlighted her soul connecting with real people. The project remains untitled, as the name will surely come to her through the universe… somehow. It always does. Her faith in the universe is vitally important. Unreleased songs like “Best Of Me” is an anthem of resilience. You hear her maturation as she copes with exterior forces stirring hate in her heart. “Im trying to figure out why / All this hate is in my sight / I am aiming for more then ordinary life.” She plans to drop the song early 2019 along with visuals.

She’s no stranger to holding faith through adversity. While she severs ties with negative energy, entering is newfound confidence. No distractions over here. The only thing she is concerned with is her music, money, her cats & throat coating tea. People relate to Gina. Catch her at the right time, her energy radiates through you. Set her off & reveal her ascendancy. Bossy, yes. Shouldn’t you be if you want to stand beside bosses? Long as I’ve known her, never once been afraid to assert her needs & take a stand for what she feels is right.

2019 is big because she’s finally taking the mask off. The mask of self doubt or fear of scrutiny. Allow her to reveal a side of her that has never been seen before. Capturing the deepest feelings in ourselves can be scary, because we showcase those feelings for the entire world to observe. Her feelings on family has been a touchy subject for Gina. She also understands personal hardship breeds inspiration. While hustling gigs & shifts, Gina always found a way to keep her balance. Watch her Good For Life Session below to see her creative flow in action:

WWW.GOODFORLIFE.ORG @kaelinellis @gina_falcone

Time is of the essence, & her work flow is picking up as we go into the new year. While the landscape of music in Florida begins to shift, the next few releases from Gina Falcone will be the breakthrough she patiently deserves. Her engineer & home team member CRVV is the man behind her incredible post production & mastering. Unreleased collaborations include Kaelin Ellis, GFL Paul & Drelue. She is a regular performer at Loud Gallery Orlando.