How Kaelin Ellis Began His Rise to Being Florida's Hottest Producer

Sitting in the studio, Kaelin sat down with Rochelle Weir to talk about his come up from the internet beat making world to being on national tours.

How did this journey begin?

“I ended up meeting Kaytranada, Joe Kay, Sango very early on through Soundcloud & Youtube. I remember graduating from high school & being invited on tour with Kaytranada. He had just dropped a project, & the label invited me to go on tour with him. I had to debate finishing high school or going on tour. I decided to not go, & thats how I ended up meeting Paul. It came from the same understanding of music, spirituality, & life.”

So when you met Paul, you collaborated instantly early on?

“When I met Paul, everything clicked. I didn’t have many friends & was working alone in my apartment. We ended up staying up until 3am just working on beats & thats where Paul told me about his album. We were speaking the same message, feeling the same vibe. We wanted to make music that people didn’t expect, & throughout the years we curated each song. When I figured out how to efficiently record, we knocked hundreds of records left & right. Thats when the It All Ends album came together. I recorded all those drums for Paul’s album & my album at Paul’s house. Its a crazy trilogy story.”

What does Good For Life mean to you?

“When people from different walks of life come together to share a specific element or vibe. People can walk away saying "“I feel inspired today.”” They can put on music from Good For Life & feel better about themselves.

I understood the difference between people who are there for seasons & people who are Good For Life.

I hadn’t realized there were people all around the world that were going through the same things we were. In 2016 I released a project called La Luiz that founded the Good For Life sound.”

Whats the future for Kaelin Ellis?

“I don’t see myself releasing solo projects for awhile. I say that because one thing I really enjoy after traveling to Korea is that I love writing solely for other people. I’ve hit this peak of weirdness at the moment while I learn brand new things. Usually when I create an album its brand new, totally different ideas. Its going to take some time to learn the new sound Im looking to form. I want to help other people achieve their dreams & what they want to accomplish. That includes elevating the Good For Life movement into a global operation. I want to see Good For Life hats on people in Japan.”


Any shows coming up?

I’ll be in Santa Fe at Meow Wulf. Its such a crazy venue. Its like a big house, but every room goes into a weird creative world. Its one of the venues we went to on the tour with Sango. I think it was my favorite venue because of how cool it looked.”

Anything people need to know about Kaelin Ellis?

“I hope that the music I create along with Paul helps inspires people to improve, take on their dreams & realized anything is possible. That means even if it takes years, its possible.”


Dirty is tattooed on his forehead. “4 Life” is etched in his hand, so I had to ask. It’s an allegiance to his close brothers of many years, a concept of loyalty I can relate to.

Smook: “I was the kid into Naruto Yu Gi Oh.”

Now he’s a fully developed lead character in his own animation show. But his lifestyle comes with pitfalls.

Smook: “All these rappers are getting into anime. I’ve been on that.”

Paul: “& now you are one”.

Smook: “Exactly. Now I am one”

“4 Life… talk about that?”

He explains the tattoo is a unity between his longtime brothers, loyalty. These are people he considers family.

“No matter where we go, how long we haven’t spoke, we just pick up where we left off.”

Essentially, That was the entire foundation of the fucking words Good For Life.

His loyalty to the family he claims with this symbol is forever a reminder when taking any action into his own hands. After explaining, I went on.

“It’s a blessing to have those kind of people.”

Smook is smart. We went back & fourth bullshitting. I was on my usual obnoxious laughter combined with clapping of hands. I applauded him how he incorporated “boobs” into one of his lines. It’s not an easy word to pull off, but only the most experienced such as DirtyFaceSmook.

How to take the GOOD with the BAD - GFL Paul, Drex Carter & Kaelin Ellis


“Music is healing me, but never fully. Takes much more seeking equilibrium.”

I can’t imagine what its like with all those ideas spiraling in any direction. Thoughts that come out are effortless, but not always full comprehension. Mumbles here & there turn to magic with a punch in.

Always ending a sentence with a reach… Paul loves to be preacher man. Gets loud, laughs obnoxius. He’s just Paul.

By 11:36pm, accompanied by Orlando Florida’s rising Drex Carter, the scene set for a moment in time.

Drex: “If you had a camera just on you at all times, you’re good.”

Slumped on the couch when Kaelin chops a vinyl sample of Return To Forever. Theres something significant about that record. It’s a record released almost 50 years earlier, Chik Corea, who had one of the most legendary members of fusion.

*Kaelin mutes


Pauls on his usual; Sunk deep into a flat back futon that nearly hundreds of asses have drowned at leisure. Stretching his weed, but this setting is his highlight of the day. It’s never with no thought; somethings is on loop endlessly. Kaelin already made 2 beats, both which Paul recorded full songs.

Instantly, leans forward & steps to the mic. It’s a confident move, & he doesn’t look like he’ll need a take two. What he’s expressing is an audio visual experience of not only vulnerable tales, an abandoned life. I think the shift gradually became noticeable as the separation of GFL Paul & Paul sparked backlash. To navigate an industry leveraged by gatekeepers with drugs & percentages, there was disconnect. Lack of vision even. His head wasn’t right. Although those close knew his personal struggles, he seeks his own answers.

Paul: “Its just a feeling. I can put a word there later”

*Drex Lays a Verse

Paul: It’s spring, most people already squandered their New Years Resolutions. Im just getting started, you know what I mean! WE JUST HAVE to keep our FOOT on their NECKS.”

This time last year, they were preparing for a tour. They are now on the launchpad. Complications came up with releasing music & what route the Good For Life camp would go. Make no mistake though. Since the tour, Paul & Kaelin alone amassed close to 1,000 file sessions between 3 laptops. Hundreds of verses, hooks, concepts, kicks & snares. So much music the group forgets where songs are located. Tracks are labeled y numbers, not names. This is a factory in the heartbeat of Central Florida for creatives. They come back.

Money can seem low at times for these gentlemen. Even when Paul can hold cash, its dolled out for daily supply of food & energy drinks, thoughtfully complete with a bouquet of flowers (weed).

All 3 of these guys are driven for success. They relentlessly pursue their visions. They are taking the good with the bad.

“Im changing my thoughts. I realized my most powerful or active thoughts are making me move accordingly. Very powerful stuff.”


2019 is the Year of Actualization For GFL Paul

As we enter into the New Year, you need to know what lifestyle choices work for you. Most importantly, determining what has not worked up to this point to put you on course to mental peace. We as a collective wanted to come together & share our experiences, along with share some gems we use to fuel our confidence & optimism in wealthy outcomes. 

I. Don’t Be A Little Bit**

Stop making excuses why your creative environment isnt suitable enough. Let’s think bigger. Picking up the pen in moments when you think your energy cant sustain. Going to work even when you want to quit. The job you’re currently employed at may be dragging, but your self esteem should not be inhibited. If you work at a call center, that does not minimize you to a dial tone. Your frequencies resonate much louder. Release the tension that comes from bitterness, or feeling the title you hold is who you are. Your position is a measurement, one of self movement & decisions. Ones career does not always assume role of ones purpose. May your purpose stay present, & your strength come through self spoken prophecy. Worry about your internal battles & health, not your enemies.

Read Part II in next article

Gina Falcone is Building a Brand on New Soul

Scorpio season is prime for Gina. As the cold season in central Florida brings out the best in its creatives, Good For Life’s unique sound is beginning to take a center stage foothold in town. With assists from hitmaker Swavy & drummer Kaelin Ellis, Miss Falcone creates a new sound to represent her world. While preparing for performances in New York & Atlanta, she rounds up the band to make sure the boys are on point. “Don’t be late!” she directs at Swavy, who has a (slight) tendency to pull show business stunts. But it’s Swavy; she needs those damn keys there on time. So much of her 2018 was devoted toward curating tracks for her new project, but a mini tour through the southeast highlighted her soul connecting with real people. The project remains untitled, as the name will surely come to her through the universe… somehow. It always does. Her faith in the universe is vitally important. Unreleased songs like “Best Of Me” is an anthem of resilience. You hear her maturation as she copes with exterior forces stirring hate in her heart. “Im trying to figure out why / All this hate is in my sight / I am aiming for more then ordinary life.” She plans to drop the song early 2019 along with visuals.

She’s no stranger to holding faith through adversity. While she severs ties with negative energy, entering is newfound confidence. No distractions over here. The only thing she is concerned with is her music, money, her cats & throat coating tea. People relate to Gina. Catch her at the right time, her energy radiates through you. Set her off & reveal her ascendancy. Bossy, yes. Shouldn’t you be if you want to stand beside bosses? Long as I’ve known her, never once been afraid to assert her needs & take a stand for what she feels is right.

2019 is big because she’s finally taking the mask off. The mask of self doubt or fear of scrutiny. Allow her to reveal a side of her that has never been seen before. Capturing the deepest feelings in ourselves can be scary, because we showcase those feelings for the entire world to observe. Her feelings on family has been a touchy subject for Gina. She also understands personal hardship breeds inspiration. While hustling gigs & shifts, Gina always found a way to keep her balance. Watch her Good For Life Session below to see her creative flow in action:

WWW.GOODFORLIFE.ORG @kaelinellis @gina_falcone

Time is of the essence, & her work flow is picking up as we go into the new year. While the landscape of music in Florida begins to shift, the next few releases from Gina Falcone will be the breakthrough she patiently deserves. Her engineer & home team member CRVV is the man behind her incredible post production & mastering. Unreleased collaborations include Kaelin Ellis, GFL Paul & Drelue. She is a regular performer at Loud Gallery Orlando.

Thank You from Kaelin

 "I could talk about how much of an influence Sango has played in my life, growing up listening to his music. I knew I’d go on tour some day but couldn’t fathom being on tour with one of my heroes. This tour run has been amazing. Til next time..."



ITCO Tour 

Thank You Sango, Tamir & William Cole at WRC for the opportunity. 

Follow @sango_ @kaelinellis

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Sango, GFL Paul & Kaelin Ellis Live in Boulder, CO ITCO Tour

Boulder's Shanye proved to be worth the evening warm-up

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By Jordan Minnick

Kaelin Ellis brought more of a West Coast bounce, even though he hails from Orlando, Fla.

Fellow member of the  Good For Life collective  Paul Mifsud joined the producer for "Switch Lanes" and "Rich Kid," for a high-energy, live hip-hop break in a set of bassy hip-hop selections. Ellis' performance ranged from Schoolboy Q to Outkast, and Kendrick Lamar to early Kanye West — fresh-beat edits on all.

Kaelin Ellis - Living In His Purpose by Passion MGMT

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By Passion MGMT 

Kaelin Ellis is a musician and producer from Lakeland, Florida. His eclectic vibes and discography have captivated the ears of DJ's and diggers all over the globe. With 12 years of performance experience coupled with an Recording Arts Bachelor's Degree from Full Sail University at 20 years old, Kaelin is one of the most promising young talents in the electronic music and hip-hop scenes.

Recently, we connected with Kaelin on the road during his first ever tour with Sango. While in Detroit, Michigan before a show he shared with us insights on his journey, what it's like to collaborate with his idols and how he's doing what he loves to do.

Interview with Aaron Dawson. All photos by Kenny Wilson (@shotbykenny). Follow Kaelin Ellis (@kaelinellis).

Interview with Aaron Dawson. All photos by Kenny Wilson (@shotbykenny). Follow Kaelin Ellis (@kaelinellis).

ASADI Drops 2 New Singles "White Rose" & "Persepolis"

He's created his own genre, & soared his way to viral sensation with millions of views showcasing his live sets throughout the country. Recently concluding his tour with Beats Antique, he now steps into the role of one-man band with his latest releases. Revealing two original singles featuring his long awaited vocal presence, see for yourself why Danny Asadi should be taken VERY serious as the confidence & momentum shifts into 2018.