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About Us

Good For Life Productions LLC (GFL) is a music production company & creative collective founded in 2010 from a phrase by Paul Mifsud Jr. The organization was initially launched in Southeastern, Ohio & currently bases operations out of Orlando, Florida. We work works with musicians, artists of all walks and entrepreneurs in regions across the United States & Europe including Los Angeles CA, Seattle WA, Columbus OH & Charlotte NC. Between Kaelin & Paul is 25 years of independent experience growing & developing sounds for each unique creator. Our primary occupation is to create quality recordings & musical compositions to release for public consumption, gain a fan base for the artists we work with, & generate revenue through music sales, services & products. GFL currently owns & operates a creative production/recording studio in Orlando, FL available for rental by the hour with included engineer & do it yourself freedom. Our studio is acoustically treated, ensuring a controlled environment.  We allow clients to create their dream visions. Our equipment is up to standard allowing our work to speak for itself. Our organization includes 10 musicians, photographers & entrepreneurs. The purpose of the collective is to allow the minds of the creatives involved to collide & form their respective projects. It is protect the network between members to ensure that work & progression in each member’s personal field is constantly discovering new markets & freelance projects. Members of the Good For Life Organization are creatives with a driving ambition to reach the highest level at their respective skillsets. This allows each member to remain competitive, gain traction in achieving their goals, & consistently discover working opportunities. This is not an open group. Much of the group is comprised of members since inauguration. Our mission is clear; Make products that withstand the test of time. That goes for the music, our lifestyle brand & our creative media content. We devote to progression of our personal goals, finding solutions to problems among members to move forward with our unique endeavors. Keeping together a close knit group does take a focused effort, importantly recognizing members of our collective are spread throughout the United States. We just see it as other cities to call our home. To define "loyalty" would be an intimidating way to end the "About Us" section, but here it goes; Loyalty is tested through time. The masks that we used to wear begin to fall, as we build up entirely new perspectives. Our locations will shape us, evolving into the new environments we seek. Many of us get lost in our careers, hungry to find our passions while desperately figuring out how to fill our plates. Here at Good For Life, we just want to promote to you that everything is going to be GOOD. You matter, & you will succeed. We hope to inspire you & be the soundtrack through that journey. Play some of our songs & enjoy them as loud as you want. Make a list today. Find some beautiful about everyone today. Quit your job. Get a job. Pay your bills. Go to school. Break up with him. Go talk to her. Change your number. Leave your town. Cry. Take a risk on somebody. Open your heart. Close a door. Open new ones. 

Do not say goodbye to your most important people. The ones who know the REAL you. Those you suffered with, to triumph later. We say Good For Life

Those of you who are members of this group. you are Good For Life to me. 

No matter what your journey brings, keep moving.







Paul Mifsud