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Nestled among the rural hills of the southeast Ohio Valley, a new sound was being curated. Few had ever aspired to reach a larger platform, & no musician had ever made it to the big stage from this region. Locked away in his garage was 13 year old aspiring lyricist Paul Mifsud Jr, who still had a long journey ahead toward becoming a proven artist. Much of the music he created would be tucked away, kept secret until the time was right. Afraid of the response he might receive, he continued to perfect his craft. Little did he know music would take him across the country to meet people he would consider friends for a lifetime, along with idols he had studied for many years. The vision began with the hopes of reaching the masses carried by inspiring messages of confession, combined with live instruments. Now 21 years old, Paul has worked on thousands of recordings with artists among a wide range of genres & talent. On guitar, his contribution of country twang can be heard scattered across neo soul, pop, rock, hip hop & electronic waves. Founder of Good For Life Productions, his goal was to unite the select creators he has cultivated lasting relationships with in order to combine & cross genres to form sounds never heard before. For Paul, music was the language he could express his tales of triumph & shortcomings. His lyrics are reminiscent, digging stories up from his complicated past in hopes of inspiring others living the same truths. In his own words, to be Good For Life is to remain loyal to family, friendships, God & a life of positive change in the surrounding community. 

"Most things we experience in this time on Earth are only good for as long as we live. In other words, we are only Good For Life. Will you fear what the world may criticize you for doing, to never actually feel ALIVE? We're willing to take that risk. My hope is you enjoy the music you discover on our page, find meaning for your own life, & always remain positive no matter your circumstance. Be good."


Current City: Orlando, FL

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